About CWA

Cycling Without Age is a program introduced by Eric and Bernadette Russow as part of the Dementia Friendly Community Initiative, Inc.Walworth County located in Elkhorn, WI. The Russow’s share a strong commitment to projects concerning memory care, Alzheimer’s, dementia, and mobility issues.

The Dementia Friendly Community Initiative, Inc. Walworth County is a 501 [c] [3] non-profit organization, which was developed with the volunteer support of Mr. Tom Gardiner of the GKWW Law Firm in Lake Geneva and Chicago. CWA purchased two electric tri-shaw bicycles from a company in Denmark. The cycles are piloted by trained volunteers and can accommodate two riders. The large tri-shaws are transported in a trailer to various locations within Walworth County. Kunes Automotive has generously provided loaner trucks to tow the trailer to events.

Sixteen pilots were initially trained in March 2021, and despite the challenges of Covid, CWA provided 473 rides between May and October. CWA was present at numerous functions in Walworth County during 2021 including Cinco de Mayo in Delavan, Saturday on the Square in Veteran’s Park, Elkhorn, Scarecrow Fest, Delavan, and the Holiday parade in Elkhorn.

Planning for 2022 has begun with over 50 events already scheduled. CWA will be participating in festivals, parades, and farmer’s markets around the county. Churches, retirement homes, and senior focused organizations are encouraged to schedule events for those that they serve.

CWA will continue to train pilots, develop capital fund-raising campaigns, and work towards the purchase of four additional cycles and an additional trailer. Will you consider giving the gift of our community back to those who no longer remember or cannot take part in its vitality?